We're serious about Online Banking Security

Important changes to Internet banking from 1 April 2014

From the 1st April 2014 you will no longer be able to access all features of Internet Banking without the new HSBC Online Security Device.
Select features of Internet Banking will still be available with dual passwords. To ensure continued access activate your new security device.

Having trouble activating your new Online Security Device? Watch our online tutorials, call 1300 306 543 or visit your nearest branch.

At HSBC, we are serious about online banking security. That's why we provide all our customers with an Online Security Device to safeguard all their transactions when banking online. During 2013, all customers will be upgraded to a new Online Security Device.

Fraud protection

Your Online Security Device introduces the latest advances in online banking technology to protect you against online threats

Advanced security technology

Proven to be even safer than SMS security code technology

Continuous Validation

Constantly validating that it is you making the transaction

To make the transition to the new device as simple as possible, we have included some helpful videos to show you how to use the new Online Security Device, including activating your new device for the first time, setting up your new PIN and making a transfer or paying a bill for the first time.