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Investments FAQs

Common questions for HSBC investment options

Table of contents

Foreign Currency

What HSBC Foreign Currency accounts are available?

HSBC offers:

  • Everyday Global Account - you can hold up to 10 currencies in the one account.
  • HSBC Bonus Savings Account - build your savings in a single foreign currency.
  • Term Deposits - available in major currencies from a range of terms from 1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months.

How can I get a currency exchange quote?

You can:

  1. Simply log into HSBC internet banking and select transfers to obtain a real time foreign currency exchange rate quotation (available 24x5 between 8:00am Monday to 11:59pm Friday (excludes public holidays).
  2. Visit your local HSBC branch or contact your relationship manager.
  3. Contact HSBC Markets Desk for a competitive quotation for transactions of A$50,000 or above.
  4. View HSBC's current foreign exchange rates. Note, these publicly available exchange rates are usually fixed for the day and indicative only.

What are the currency transfer fees?

There are no transfer fees if you transfer between your HSBC Australia accounts or, if you are a Premier Customer, between your globally linked HSBC accounts. Fees and charges relating to personal accounts is available from HSBC website.

What currencies can I exchange with HSBC?

HSBC offers online access to 19 foreign currencies, including all major currencies - Australian dollars, US dollars, Hong Kong dollars, Great British Pound Sterling, Chinese Renimbi (CNY), New Zealand dollars, Singapore dollars, Japanese Yen, Canadian dollars and Euro. Additional currencies are available from HSBC branches.

How can I track my foreign currency transfers?

Transfers between your HSBC Australia accounts and globally linked HSBC accounts are real-time. You can check your account transactions immediately after transfers for confirmation of movement of funds. You may contact your local HSBC branch or Relationship Manager or call 1300 308 008 for all other overseas or local bank transfers.

How long will my currency transfer take?

Transfers between your HSBC Australia accounts and globally linked HSBC accounts are real-time. Other overseas and local bank transfers may take from 2 to 5 business days.

How do I set up a regular currency transfers?

Simply log into HSBC internet banking and select 'Transfers' to set up the schedule for your regular currency transfers.

How do I cancel a recurring currency transfer?

Simply log into HSBC internet banking and select 'Transfers' to cancel your regular currency transfers.

Why should I choose HSBC for my foreign currency exchanges?

HSBC offers:

  1. Competitive exchange rates wherever and whenever you transact.
  2. Online banking with real-time foreign currency quotation and exchanges 24x5 between 8:00am Monday to 11:59pm Friday (excludes US, currency and public holidays).
  3. Preferential pricing for large transactions and Premier Customers.
  4. Instant fund transfers between your globally linked HSBC accounts or HSBC Australia accounts
  5. Team of specialists to support your foreign currency needs.

Can I use the HSBC mobile app for currency exchanges?

Yes. Switching between currencies and transferring funds at real-time exchange rates is easy using HSBC mobile app.


HSBC Invest

How do I open a HSBC Invest Account?

To trade through HSBC Invest, you need to open a trading account. It's free of charge and you only pay when you trade with us.

You will need to be over 18 years old with an address in Australia.

Simply fill in the HSBC Invest Account Application.

Once you have completed your client account application, please print a copy, sign and post to: 

HSBC Invest

GPO Box 1630
Sydney NSW 2001

What brokerage and fees do you charge?

You only pay brokerage when your orders have traded. Take a look at our fee schedule to see our fees and charges.

Emailed contract notes are free and you can also download them from the trade page.

Can I authorise someone else to trade on my account?

Yes, you can authorise someone else to enquire or trade on your account.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Complete the 'Authorised Representative' section on the online account application, or
  2. Once your account is established, complete the Adding Authorised Representative form.

Note: you must provide identification for the authorised representative, such as a driver's license or passport.

If you want to revoke authority for an unauthorised representative, you must provide use with written permission from all of the account holders.

Once added, authorised representatives on your account will have their own login details. They can call our Customer Service team and obtain trading account information and trade on your account. However, authorised representatives are unable to:

  • Suspend or close the account.
  • Prohibit account holders from trading.
  • Request stock holders from trading.
  • Change registration details for the trading account.

How do I change my details?

You can change the following personal details in the 'My Account' section:

  • Contact details - email, mobile/phone/work/fax numbers and preferred method of contact.
  • Residential and postal address.
  • Information service subscription.
  • Password and PIN.

For changes not listed above, go to 'Forms & brochures'

How long may an order remain on the market?

An order will remain on the market until it trades, expires or is cancelled by either you or the ASX.

The ASX may cancel orders from the market where:

  • Stock is trading on a different basis of quotation (eg ex-dividend, ex-rights, ex-bonus etc).
  • Price for the order is too far from current buy-sell spread for the stock.
  • The order expires.
  • Stock has been suspended from official quotation.

When and how can I place an order?

With HSBC Invest CHESS approved equities, interest rate securities and warrants listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. You can also buy, hold and sell units in unlisted managed funds using ASX mFund Settlement Service.

You can place an order at any time over the internet or over the phone from 8am to 7pm AEST on any trading day.

We do not accept orders via fax or email.

How do I access and place a conditional order?

Conditional Orders are available to all clients regardless of whether you are on Silver, gold or WebIRESS information service level.

To access Conditional Orders, you need to Activate Conditional Orders trading and agree to the Conditional Orders Terms and Conditions. Once activated, you can click on the Conditional Order icon in the left-hand toolbar which will take you to the conditional orders placement pad.