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How to use Digital Secure Key

Log on securely to mobile and Online Banking, and authenticate transactions more easily.

Tap into an easier, more secure way to bank

The Digital Secure Key replaces your physical Secure Key.

With it, you can log on to the HSBC Australia App and generate security codes for Online Banking more quickly, safely and conveniently. All you'll need to do is set up your 6-digit PIN.

This enhanced security feature will be rolled out in phases from March 2023 onwards.

What is a Digital Secure Key?

Your Digital Secure Key lets you access the full suite of HSBC banking services online and on your mobile, easily and securely.

Mobile banking made easier

Set up and use your 6-digit Digital Secure Key PIN to log on to the app, re-authenticate and verify transactions.

Bank securely on the app

Stay on top of all your account activity on the app, and enjoy enhanced security for your accounts with the Digital Secure Key.

Better protection against scams

Activate your Digital Secure Key to enhance security for both mobile and Online Banking. To help you avoid fraud, you'll be notified immediately when any changes are made to your log on details.

How to set up your Digital Secure Key

You'll be asked to create a PIN that you'll use to access the HSBC Australia App. This 6-digit PIN should be unique and only known to you. Update it regularly to protect your accounts, and don't share it with anyone.

Your PIN should not:

  • include the same number more than once in a row, eg 000
  • include more than three sequential numbers in ascending or descending order, eg 1234
  • include repeating patterns, eg 010101
  • be based on your birthday or any other significant dates like anniversaries
  • use the passcode for unlocking your mobile device

You should also review your date of birth and keep your contact details up to date - this will make sure you can log on with ease.

Setting up your 6-digit Digital Secure Key PIN

If you've activated your Digital Secure Key before

Step 1

Log on to the HSBC Australia App with your Digital Secure Key password or biometrics.

Step 2

Create and confirm your new 6-digit PIN.

If you're using a physical Secure Key

Step 1

Log on to the HSBC Australia App with your username.

Step 2

Enter the security code generated from your physical Secure Key.

Step 3

You have now activated your Digital Secure Key, and you'll no longer need your physical Secure Key to access online and mobile banking services.

If you only use a password

Step 1

Log on to the HSBC Australia App with your username and password.

Step 2

Enter the SMS verification code sent to your mobile device.

Step 3

Set up your new 6-digit PIN.

Step 4

You have now activated your Digital Secure Key.

How to verify your browser as a trusted one

We've enhanced security on HSBC Online Banking so you can enjoy a simpler, safer way to bank.

Secure browsing with trusted browsers

You'll need to verify yourself and confirm whether you trust your browser the first time you use it to log on to HSBC Online Banking. This is to protect your account from unauthorised access. Confirming that it's a trusted browser lets us know you're the one logging on. So next time, you won't have to verify yourself to proceed.


You should only trust browsers on your personal computer or mobile device. We recommend you don't trust public devices, such as at a library or airport.

Step 1

Enter your username.

Step 2

Select an option to verify your identity – you can generate a security code with your Digital Secure Key or physical Secure Key, or receive a verification code via SMS or email.

Step 3

If you're using your Digital Secure Key or physical Secure Key, enter the security code generated. If you're verifying yourself by SMS or email, enter the verification code we send you.

Step 4

Select 'Yes, this is my device' to confirm that you trust this browser.

How to log on with a trusted browser

After you've confirmed a trusted browser, you'll be able to use it to log on and access HSBC Online Banking without having to take additional verification steps.

There are three ways you can log on.

More guidance

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Register for Online Banking

Download the app now

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