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Woman using phone; image used for HSBC Australia investment.


From share trading to ETFs to managed funds – open up a bigger world of investing opportunities with HSBC

Products and services

Woman using phone; image used for HSBC Australia online share trading.

Whether you're new to trading shares or you already have some experience, start with an advantage with HSBC Online Share Trading.

A woman standing in financial skycrapers; image used for HSBC Australia Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

With over 200 Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to choose from that track market indexes on large cross sections of asset classes and styles, it is the easy way to give yourself exposure to your market view.

Team sitting on office and discussing with laptop; image used for HSBC Australia managed funds.

Increase your diversification into different asset classes and new markets, with active investment strategies of leading fund managers, by investing in mFunds.

A shipping centre with beautiful sunset; image used for HSBC Australia other Investment Options.

Expand your investing horizons with access to Hybrids, Warrants and a whole range of Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed products.

A pen dots on the paper with bonds; image used for HSBC Foreign Currency Bonds.

Looking to make bonds part of your investment strategy? Enjoy access to local and foreign currency investment grade bonds.

Some coins and banknotes on newspaper; image used for HSBC Australia foreign currency term deposits.

Make the most of the certainty of a fixed rate of return. Open up the opportunity to invest in a range of foreign currencies.