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A man holding a smartphone on hand; image used for HSBC Safeguard.

HSBC Safeguard

HSBC Safeguard is a series of initiatives designed to protect you from fraud and financial crime.

Protecting you from fraud and financial crime

Today's world is increasingly connected, so it's important to look after your security. This is especially true when it comes to banking, which is why we have HSBC Safeguard to protect all our customers.

Information is key to protection

Our processes depend on us having up-to-date customer information. So from time to time we may ask you to:

  • update or confirm your personal or business details
  • provide some new information
  • provide original or original certified identification documents to verify information if necessary

What happens to your data?

Our processes and systems rely on your data to protect both you and us from fraud and financial crime. We take our duty to protect your data very seriously, so all the information you give us will be subject to our tough data and security standards. Our intention is only to use the information for your protection and NOT with any third parties for marketing purposes.

What do I need to do next?

For now, you don't need to do anything. We'll be contacting customers individually to explain what they need to provide and when.

Depending on your individual contact preferences, you'll get an SMS, email or letter and throughout the review process we may contact you by phone. If you want to know more, please call your Relationship Manager or visit a local branch.

Why have I been chosen for a review?

As an existing HSBC customer, we already have some information about you. From time to time, we review this information to make sure it's complete and up to date. On this occasion, we need some further details and/or documents from you.

How long will I have to provide the information?

We ask that you provide any additional information or documents within 30 days of us requesting them.

What happens if I'm unable to provide the information/documents you've asked for?

If we can't complete the review of your details due to insufficient or incomplete information, there may be some restrictions placed on your account, cards or other products you hold with us.

Contact us

HSBC Safeguard

If you are overseas, please call +61 2 9762 9227

1300 732 839

Personal Banking

1300 308 008

HSBC Premier

1300 301 168


Commercial Banking, Global Banking and Markets

Please contact your Relationship Manager

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