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Move Money

Easily transfer money between your accounts or to someone else

How to transfer money

You can choose for the transaction to happen immediately or a future date and set up automatic payments between your accounts or to someone else.
  • Transfer money between your accounts
  • Make international transfers and payments
  • Make a domestic transfer
  • Set up future payments
  • Pay a bill

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Transferring money between your own accounts

For transfers between your accounts within HSBC Australia and in the same currency, you can also use Quick Transfer on your My accounts page. Quick Transfer is the fastest way to make transfers between your accounts in the same currency and this is available on the account overview page.

Note: this is only applicable to Online Banking.

  • Fastest way to transfer between your accounts in HSBC Australia
  • Same currency fund transfers e.g. AUD to AUD, USD to USD
  • Pay your HSBC credit card from your accounts in HSBC Australia

Besides Quick Transfer, you can also transfer funds within your own HSBC accounts by going to My Banking > Transfer between your own accounts.

desktop view of the HSBC Australia online banking log on screen

1. Log-on to Online Banking to view your entire accounts.

desktop view of the HSBC Australia online banking overview screen

2. You will find your Quick Transfer panel below your transactions list. On the Quick Transfer panel select the account you want to move money from, then select the account you want to move money to.

desktop view of the HSBC Australia online banking Quick Transfer

3. Enter the amount and select 'Transfer'. A confirmation and reference number will show, confirming the transfer has been made.

Making International Transfers and Payments

Make an international Transfer or Payment using Move Money on your mobile following the step below.

  1. Log in
  2. Move Money
  3. Send money internationally
  4. Select existing payee or to Add new payee - Select country or territory sending to, view transfer fees & estimated arrival time, enter additional information when prompted & check details before continuing.
  5. Select confirm to complete your transfer.        

Make a domestic payment to a non-HSBC account

We’re excited to announce updates to our online banking experience on browser. Some screens will look different as part of our ongoing improvements for this type of transfer.

To make a domestic payment, log on to online banking on browser and go to My Banking > Pay someone in Australia.

1. Log-on to Online Banking and under ‘Move Money/ Pay a bill’ select the Pay someone in Australia.

2. Select the HSBC account you wish to transfer from.

3. Select 'Add a new local payee' for first time transfers.

4. Select HSBC Australia Account or Other local banks and input the BSB and account number.

Transfer funds or pay a bill on your mobile

Did you know? You can make a transfer and any payment in the HSBC app. Download the HSBC Mobile Banking App to your compatible* smart phone device. Go to the App Store or Google Play.

Download the HSBC app

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