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HSBC Investment Grade Bonds

Make your funds work for you with exchange traded corporate and government bonds.

Exchange traded investment grade bonds

Starting with as little as $500, you can access a range of corporate and government bonds listed on an exchange. With HSBC, you can access live pricing and choose to receive regular updates to help better manage your bond holdings.

Open an HSBC Online Share Trading Account today and join the future of bond investing.

Why invest in bonds?

  • Higher returns

    Bonds may provide a higher rate of return than savings accounts or term deposits.

  • Source of income

    Bonds pay a stable and regular stream of income.

  • Capital gains

    Bonds may provide capital appreciation from price increases when market interest rates fall or the perceived creditworthiness of the issuer improves.

  • Diversification

    Bonds may improve the risk to reward characteristics of your investment portfolio.

Apply now to purchase bonds through our online share trading platform

Want to learn more?

If you’re new to bonds and want to understand how they work, consider taking one of the ASX courses. Simply click on one of the below links.

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