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Global View and Global Transfers

The instant, safe, and fee-free way to move money between your HSBC Premier accounts around the world.

Manage and move your money around the world

Manage your worldwide HSBC accounts in one place with Global View. Then use Global Transfers[@global-transfer-allows-instant-transfers] to make fast and fee-free transfers between all of your HSBC Premier accounts. 

Transfer your funds, without the fees

Send money instantly between your HSBC Premier accounts for free when you use Global Transfers.

  • Move up to USD100,000 a day from your Australian account
  • Move up to USD200,000 a day between your global accounts
  • Benefit from secure transfers guaranteed by our trusted global network

Bank without borders

Manage your accounts, wherever you are, with Global View – you'll just need to register for online banking in all the countries or regions where you have an HSBC account[@global-transfer-allows-instant-transfers].

  • Link all your HSBC accounts and see all your transactions and details in one place[@global-transfer-allows-instant-transfers]
  • Set up and track recurring payments

Real-time rates

Know how much money you're sending with our real-time foreign exchange rates when you transfer money online[@service-real-time-exchange-rates].

  • Transfer money in a wide range of currencies to suit your global foreign exchange needs
  • See competitive real-time rates to make sure you're getting a great deal when you exchange money

Frequently asked questions

Ready to get started?

Apply for an account

You can apply for an HSBC Australia account, even if you're not in the country. As an HSBC Premier customer, you're automatically eligible for Premier status in Australia when you open an Everyday Global Account.

Existing HSBC Premier customers

If you have HSBC Premier accounts in 2 or more places, you can log on and start using Global View and Global Transfers now.

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