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Term Deposits

Earn a fixed rate for a fixed term.

A reliable and predictable way to save

With an HSBC Term Deposit Account, you can set your savings to work with different terms to choose from and competitive interest rates. Choose to save for as little as 1 month or as long as 5 years. You will need a minimum balance of AUD$5000 to open a Term Deposit. 

What you'll get with an HSBC Term Deposit Account

Competitive fixed interest rates

Enjoy the certainty of a fixed interest rate so that you can grow your money safely and securely[@financial-claims-schedule].

Flexible interest payments

Choose how you get your interest: when the deposit matures, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Choose to withdraw or reinvest on maturity

When your deposit matures, choose to withdraw or how to reinvest.

Pick a term that suits you

Select the term that’s best for you and your goals, starting from 1 month and going up to 5 years.

Interest rates

Interest rates are per annum – minimum balance of $5,000[@single-term-offer]
Term $5,000+
1 month 1.85% p.a.
2 months 2.00% p.a.
3 months 4.00% p.a.
4 months 3.75% p.a.
5 months 3.75% p.a.
6 months 4.40% p.a.
7 months 4.00% p.a.
8 months 4.00% p.a.
9 months 4.50% p.a.
10 months 4.00% p.a.
11 months 4.00% p.a.
12 months (1 year) 5.00% p.a.
15 months 3.75% p.a.
18 months 3.75% p.a.
2 years 4.10% p.a.
3 years 4.00% p.a.
4 years 4.00% p.a.
5 years 4.00% p.a
Interest rates are per annum – minimum balance of $5,000[@single-term-offer]
Term 1 month
$5,000+ 1.85% p.a.
Term 2 months
$5,000+ 2.00% p.a.
Term 3 months
$5,000+ 4.00% p.a.
Term 4 months
$5,000+ 3.75% p.a.
Term 5 months
$5,000+ 3.75% p.a.
Term 6 months
$5,000+ 4.40% p.a.
Term 7 months
$5,000+ 4.00% p.a.
Term 8 months
$5,000+ 4.00% p.a.
Term 9 months
$5,000+ 4.50% p.a.
Term 10 months
$5,000+ 4.00% p.a.
Term 11 months
$5,000+ 4.00% p.a.
Term 12 months (1 year)
$5,000+ 5.00% p.a.
Term 15 months
$5,000+ 3.75% p.a.
Term 18 months
$5,000+ 3.75% p.a.
Term 2 years
$5,000+ 4.10% p.a.
Term 3 years
$5,000+ 4.00% p.a.
Term 4 years
$5,000+ 4.00% p.a.
Term 5 years
$5,000+ 4.00% p.a

For interest paid quarterly, the rate is 0.10% p.a. less than the standard rate above. For interest paid monthly, the rate is 0.15% p.a. less than the standard rate above. Interest rates are current as at 21 February 2024 and subject to change.

What you need to know

Are you eligible?

To open an HSBC Term Deposit Account, you'll need to:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a passport or an Australian driver's licence
  • Have an Australian residential address

Ready to get started?

New to HSBC

If you've never banked with us before, you can leave us your details and we'll get back to you soon about your HSBC Term Deposit Account.

Existing HSBC customer

If you already bank with us, you can apply via HSBC Online Banking.

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Important information

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