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Best apps for students

Explore these handy apps to settle in, stay organised, and have fun.

There are a lot of mobile apps, including those for mindfulness, saving money and travel, that can make your time at university easier. Many work seamlessly when you travel, making them the perfect companion for global students.

I want an app for:

There are strict laws in Australia about using your phone or other distracting devices while driving and cycling. Before you set off, mount your phone and put it in hands-free mode for a safe journey.

Getting around

Lost on Campus

This app is a campus navigation tool, providing detailed maps and directions to various locations within the university. It's maintained by students, for students, and was developed by Student Services Australia. It's worth checking out Student Services' StudentVIP website, too. It's the largest website for students in Australia. Here, you can buy and sell textbooks, find a tutor or even land an internship.

Government transport apps

Every state and territory in Australia will have their own transportation app. For example MyTranslink is the official Queensland Government app; Public Transport Victoria has the PTV app; and Transperth is the official app of Western Australia's Public Transport Authority. You'll also find that each region will have its own travel card app, too. 

Google Maps and Apple Maps

With Google Maps, you can view over 200 countries and regions with real-time GPS navigation. You can also drop a pin to mark your parked car; check travel times and public transport options; find a business and their opening hours; and other useful features.

If you're an Apple user, you might prefer to use Apple Maps. This default map app comes with Apple devices and it's always being improved and redesigned. 

Rideshare apps

Rideshare companies were introduced to Australia as early as 2012 and legalised at different times in the various states and territories. You might find hailing a rideshare cheaper than a taxi, but prices can surge depending on demand. Rideshares are a good option if you prefer to know the price upfront and want automatic payments for a cashless ride. 

Saving money

Budgeting apps

There are a lot of great budgeting apps geared for life in Australia. They'll help you manage finances, track bills and set savings goals. Some even include long-term financial projections. 

Shopping apps

Money-saving shopping apps will sort through thousands of products and retailers for you. Some of them include weekly pricing updates for major grocery stores like Woolworths, Coles and IGA. Keep track of the sales with a swipe of the screen. 


While not an app yet, this website provides so much useful information on budgeting that it's worth bookmarking. Its simple money manager tool is available in multiple languages, including simplified and traditional Chinese, Italian and Arabic.

Being productive

WiFi Map

Stay connected and study on the go with WiFi Map. In Australia alone, the app can help you find more than 37,000 free Wi-Fi spots. WiFi Map will work in over 200 countries, including Canada, mainland China, India, the US and the UK. 


This free app, with 42 million monthly users, is a fun way to practise speaking in 38 different languages. You can set your level based on how serious you are about learning a language, and the app will record your learning 'streak' to motivate you. What's more, the Duolingo English Test (DET) is now accepted at over 90 universities and colleges throughout Australia. It can be completed as an alternative to other standardised tests like TOEFL.

Google Calendar

Compatible with Android or iOS platforms, this app is a must-have for students who like to be organised. Google Calendar makes it easy for you to map out your class schedule, set homework reminders and create tasks. Parents always asking what you're up to? Stay connected with family and friends by sharing your calendar.

Meeting people


Meetup was founded in 2002 to connect people with the same interests and hobbies. Health and wellness, sports, photography and LGBTQ+ are just a few of the many meetup categories. Join an activity or create one and see who RSVPs to your meetup. This app will connect you with people in more than 190 countries.

University apps

Many universities have their own social networking apps just for students. You can find other Monash students around the world with Monash University's aMigo app. Then there's the USU app of the University of Sydney Union, which supports over 200 student clubs. You'll find information on the USU app about the latest campus events, student offers and language exchange programmes. You're bound to meet your bestie!

Taking care of my wellbeing


Students, take some time to manage your mental health. The Headspace app offers hundreds of different meditation exercises to help you combat stress and get to sleep, to give you energy and practise mindfulness. Discounted rates are available for part- and full-time university students in Australia.


The free multi-language government-funded healthdirect app helps Australians make informed decisions about their health. Check your symptoms, find health services near you and browse the online health library. 


If you're studying abroad and head home for the holidays, you'll know how much jetlag can disrupt your sleep patterns. The app can create personalised plans based on sleep patterns and duration of travel, as well as on personal information like your age and gender.

Staying safe

Campus apps

See if your school has it's own on-campus student safety app. For example, the University of Melbourne offers its free SafeZone mobile app, and the University of Sydney offers the Sonder app as part of student registration. Sonder sends alerts and can track your journey in real time, keeping you safe both on and off campus.

BOM Weather

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is Australia's weather, climate and water organisation. So it's no surprise that the BOM Weather app is Australia's official and most accurate weather app. BOM gives you hourly updates, 7-day forecasts, UV index and tide information, weather warnings, and more. 


Surf Life Saving Australia's Beachsafe app shares up-to-date information about Australian beach conditions, such as weather updates, descriptions of facilities, patrol status, and safety guidelines. The app includes safety videos in English, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, Malay, and Chinese. 


Would you know what number to call in an emergency? Developed by Australia's emergency services, this app will quickly connect you to the right department. Emergency+ uses your mobile phone's GPS to share your location, if needed.

(The emergency number in Australia is 000, in case you're wondering!)

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