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Two people analyzing stock trends with laptop; image used for HSBC Australia investment research and insights.

Research and Insights

Stay informed with the latest market insights, access to a wide range of research, market consensus, and trading ideas from Recognia

Research and insights are all yours

Looking to have research at your fingertips? With HSBC Invest, you have deep access to insights that could help you make more informed decisions. Research from an independent Broker to buy and sell signals to daily trading ideas and technical insights. You can instantly access all the information you need to make better investment decisions.

Make the most of: 

  • Independent Broker research
  • BuySellSignals research

Make the most of our independent research and insights

logo of Bell Potter

Bell Potter research

Take advantage of independent research from Bell Porter.

logo of BuySellSignals

BuySellSignals research

What to buy? What to sell? Let the research signals help inform your decisions.

logo of Recognia

Recognia Technical Insights

With Recognia's Technical Insights, you can validate your trading ideas by reviewing signs of strength and weakness via the application of over 30 types of chart patterns, candlesticks, indicators and oscillators.

HSBC Daily Trading Ideas

Looking for timely and relevant market analysis to help you identify trends and potential trading opportunities? The HSBC Daily Trading Ideas newsletter (now available in simplified and traditional Chinese) includes up to six bullish and bearish trading ideas delivered directly to your inbox each morning all with a direct link to a full in-depth analysis of the identified pattern and the potential implications.

Woman using phone; image used for HSBC Australia online share trading.
  • Consensus research
    Access recommendations from up to 20 of Australia's most respected brokers with detailed insights you can act upon.
  • Morningstar key measures
    With Morningstar, access all the company research you need. Summaries of key measures, forecasts, historical financials, balance sheets and dividend history are all at your fingertips.

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Woman using phone; image used for HSBC Australia online share trading.

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Applicants must be Australian residents for taxation purposes and must be 18 years or over. 

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