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Opening up a world of opportunity

At HSBC Australia, we're here to bring our unique expertise, capabilities and global network to open up new kinds of opportunities for you. As a consumer or business, HSBC Australia is here to help you navigate and unlock opportunity by overcoming borders, connecting people, ideas and capital from around the world.

Products that connect you to opportunities


See a world that others don't. With our low rate HSBC Home Value Loan, you'll see the full potential in every property.


The Everyday Global Account is an award-winning everyday account for your everyday spending and for travel overseas. Discover 2% cashback on eligible purchases under $100.


From low interest rates to travel privileges, we've got all kinds of credit cards to help you enjoy the bigger picture.


HSBC Premier is here to help you live a life full of possibilities, whether you're investing in your future, working and travelling abroad, or simply looking to enjoy the benefits of all your hard work.

Penguins walking on ice rock; image used for HSBC join the bigger picture.

Opening up a world of opportunity for the planet

Big challenges demand ambitious solutions. It's why we've pledged between USD750 billion to USD1 trillion to sustainable finance. We're working to help shape the transition to a low-carbon economy to build a thriving, resilient future for society and businesses.

Diversity brings us unique solutions

For us, diversity isn't a buzzword. It's in our roots (and our branches). We were born on two continents. Now we live in five. And at every latitude, our guiding attitude is clear: bring people, perspectives, cultures and ideas together to connect customers with opportunity.

We see opportunity everywhere

When your business operates in different markets, choose a bank that doesn't look inward but looks outward. With a global network to back you, when opportunity knocks, we'll kick the doors wide open.