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A smiling woman using laptop and sitting on the table; image used for HSBC Australia Your HSBC guide on how to save money.

Your HSBC guide on how to save money

With the current low interest rates out there, it's harder to get a good return on your savings. But there are ways to improve your returns, and earn significantly more than the standard rate. Here's how.

A lot of people do research to find the bank or account that offers the best interest rate, but then stop thinking about it once they've deposited the money. But we offer some interesting options that can help you earn more.

Bump up your savings commitments

In addition to FX trading, you really can use your HSBC Everyday Global Account as your regular everyday Australian bank account. And thanks to Everyday Extras3 you could save even more: deposit $2,000 or more into your Everyday Global Account each month, and you'll earn cashback on your regular spending and a bonus as a new customer.

Earn 2% cashback on tap and pay under $100

Imagine earning cashback on your everyday purchases like groceries or petrol. You could receive up to $50 cashback5 each month when you tap and pay with Visa payWave, Google PayTM or Apple Pay2 for eligible purchase under $100.

$100 Bonus for new HSBC customers

Being new does have its benefits. With your new HSBC Everyday Global Account, you could receive a $100 Bonus4 when you deposit $2,000 or more each month for three consecutive months, as long as you do that within six months of opening your new account.

Saving in foreign currency

The Everyday Global Account offers a lot of flexibility, but it doesn't pay interest on any of the balances. However, if the appeal of moving your money into foreign currency is working for you, then you can earn interest on what you save with the HSBC Flexi Saver Account. It allows you to save the same 10 different foreign currencies as the HSBC Everyday Global Account, but pays a different interest rate for each of them. You can see the different interest rates paid on those currencies.

Again, there are no account keeping fees. There is no minimum ongoing balance needed. And you can take advantage of the Real Time foreign currency exchange rates1

Saving in Australian Dollars

Leaving your savings sitting in your everyday transaction account can make it too easy to spend. One great way to ensure you meet your savings goal is to set up a designated savings account to help build up your savings. You can compare all of the savings accounts offered by HSBC here to see which one is right for you.

An HSBC Flexi Saver account may be a good option here, as you'll receive the Monthly Bonus⁶ every month your balance is $300 more than the previous month (excluding interest paid from the previous month). To make it easier, you can even set up a regular payment to automatically send a percentage of your salary each month. It's a good step towards your savings goal.

Looking for more returns?

If you are looking to save in Australian Dollars, then the HSBC Serious Saver could be the account for you. The introductory rate is only available for a limited time, so take a look at how much you could earn here

Your new view on saving

Has this given you some new food for thought about how to save? After all, saving in, or even just holding foreign currencies is a slightly different approach to gaining a return on your money. What may have been perceived as complicated before, is now straightforward with the award-winning HSBC Everyday Global Account. Couple this with some innovative savings accounts, and there really is a new way to think about the age-old problem of getting returns on your money.

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Important information

  1. This advertisement provides general advice only and doesn’t take into account your objectives, financial services or needs. You should consider these matters and read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Financial Service Guide (FSG) before you make a decision and consider whether the product is appropriate for you. A copy of the PDS is available at, by visiting a branch or calling is on 1300 308 008 for personal banking. Issued by HSBC Bank Australia Limited ABN 48 006 434 162. AFSL and Australian credit licence 232595. Real Time Exchange Rates will apply for AUD, USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, HKD, CAD, NZD, JPY, CHF, SGD, when using our Online Banking or Mobile Banking to: (1) transfer between HSBC Accounts and the foreign exchange (FX) market is open (excluding weekends, currency and US holidays) or (2) to make international transfers within currency cut-off times. Transfer fees and correspondent bank fees may apply for transfers outside of HSBC Australia. When the FX market is closed on weekends (that is from the US market closing time on Friday to the opening time of the Asia market on Monday), the exchange rate which will apply between your HSBC Australia accounts is the exchange rate applying at the time the US market closed plus an additional weekend spread. The HSBC Daily Exchange Rate, set once a day (excluding weekends and NSW public holidays) will apply to transfers outside of HSBC Australia entered after currency cut-off times, on currency holidays and on NSW and US public holidays, and will apply for all future-dated transactions on the future date of the transaction. FX transactions are subject to foreign exchange risk associated with exchange rate movements. HSBC FX accounts should not be used for speculative purposes.
  2. Terms and conditions apply to the use of Apple Pay and Google Pay. Excludes HSBC Corporate Cards.
  3. HSBC Everyday Extras is a feature of the HSBC Everyday Global Account available from 1 August 2019. To continue to be eligible to receive Everyday Extras you will need to deposit AUD2,000 or more into your HSBC Everyday Global Account before the last day of each calendar month. Refer to the Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement for full T&Cs.
  4. The AUD100 bonus paid in AUD to new HSBC customers who open an HSBC Everyday Global Account from 12:00am AEDT 1 August 2019 to 11.59pm AEDT 31 March 2021 and deposit AUD2,000 or more per month for three consecutive months within 6 months of opening the account. Refer to the Cash Bonus Terms and Conditions (PDF,225 KB).
  5. 2% of the purchase price is paid into your Everyday Global Account (capped at AUD50 per month) when you tap and pay using Visa payWave, Apple Pay or Google Pay for eligible purchases under AUD100. Eligible purchases must be made in Australian Dollars and where the merchant or its financial institution/ payment processor is registered in Australia. Excluded are purchases made for business, commercial or government purposes (including bus, train and ferry), cash withdrawals, foreign and non-fiat currency transfers (such as Bitcoin), travellers' cheques, money orders or money transfers, car parking and vending machine transactions, point of sale cash withdrawals, debt repayments, refunds, payment reversals, gambling and transactions between HSBC accounts. HSBC may deduct payment of the Cashback offer where you reverse or cancel a transaction.
  6. Monthly bonus offer valid as at 2 September 2019 and subject to change. Ensure that on the last business day of the month, your balance is at least $300 higher (excluding interest) than the opening balance on the first business day of that month. No interest is incurred on the portion of balances over AUD$ 5 million.

The HSBC Everyday Global Account was awarded the Canstar Innovation Excellence Award in April 2018, and the 5-Star Rating for Outstanding Value – Travel Money Card in June 2018/2019 and Outstanding Value – Travel Debit Card in September 2018.