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A mature businessman sitting inside at cafe and using phone; image used for HSBC Guide to international transfers.

Your guide to international transfers

Find out more about sending money abroad

HSBC is a truly global bank, and we’re here to help you make the most of it. Maybe you need to book a room for your next overseas vacation. Or maybe you need to transfer money to a family member who is studying or working abroad.

Sending money to people outside of Australia used to involve a lot of complicated paperwork, but not anymore. Now it’s as simple as selecting 'Move Money' when you're doing online banking. There are lots of other ways to make international transfers, too.

One of the most useful, available to Premier customers,1 is Global View and Global Transfer. This feature allows you to move up to US$100,000 per day2 (or currency equivalent) between your own HSBC accounts across the world instantly with no transfer fees and competitive exchange rates.

How long does it take to transfer money internationally?

Ordinarily, if you transfer money before 4pm AEST, we will get it there on the same day. However, if you're sending foreign currency (especially to overseas bank accounts), allow a couple of days for the money to arrive. Keep in mind that in all cases, the receiving bank might have its own cut-off time for accepting a foreign transfer.

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  1. Eligibility criteria applies for HSBC Premier. The criteria is set out in the HSBC Premier Services Guide (PDF, 3.8 MB). Eligibility criteria remains at HSBC's absolute discretion. Terms, conditions and other restrictions apply. HSBC reserves the right to charge a monthly fee for the HSBC Premier service. We may vary the monthly service fee for HSBC Premier from time to time.
  2. Daily limit applicable for HSBC Australia Premier clients; differing Global Transfer limits may apply for HSBC Premier clients outside Australia.