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Woman walking on beach with rocks; image used for HSBC Australia credit card cash transfer.

Credit Cards Cash Transfer

Simplify and save with two great options

HSBC Cash Transfer

Access the available cash on your credit card at a low rate with HSBC's Cash Transfer. 


Whatever you have the desire to do or buy, having cash at hand could be very useful. HSBC's Cash Transfer program allows you to do just that, by giving you access to the available credit limit on your HSBC credit card as cash. It comes at an extremely attractive rate and, best of all, approval takes minutes.


Features and benefits:

  • Convert your available credit limit into available cash
  • Low introductory interest rate
  • Borrow from $500 to $15,000 (you must have at least 20% of your credit limit available after the cash transfer)
  • Fast transfer to your nominated Australian Bank account
  • Flexible repayments (please ensure you cover the minimum amount payment due on your credit card)
  • No additional fees

Fees and charges:

  • No additional fees

Ways to open


Get started in 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to Credit Cards Online to see if you have an Cash Transfer offer.
  2. If you have an offer, complete the short form for your cash to be transferred.
  3. Once accepted, your cash will be transferred to your nominated bank account within 3 business days.

Information needed:

Please make sure you provide the correct BSB code and account number for your nominated Australian Bank account so that your cash is transferred correctly.

How to apply for a HSBC Cash Transfer?

For registered HSBC Online Banking customers (via desktop)

  1. Log on to HSBC Online Banking by clicking on the button below.
  2. Go to My Banking then click on Credit Cards Online (under Credit Card Services).
  3. If there is a Cash Transfer offer it will appear. Click on Cash Transfer (under the Useful Links section on the left-hand side).

For registered HSBC Online Banking customers (via HSBC Mobile Banking app)

  1. Access the HSBC Mobile Banking app.
  2. Once on your "Accounts" tab in the app, click on your Credit Card.
  3. Click on the middle icon where it says "Rewards & Offers".
  4. Click on "Cash Transfer" to view the offer.

You can download the HSBC Mobile Banking app here.

Credit provided by HSBC Bank Australia Limited ABN 48 006 434 162 Australian Credit Licence 232595. Fees, charges, terms, conditions and HSBC's lending criteria apply. Visit or call 132 152. HSBC credit card account holders who have previously cancelled their account may not be eligible for this promotional offer. Full HSBC Cash Transfer terms and conditions  apply.