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FAQs for reducing your credit card limit

Reducing your credit card limit

How do I reduce my Credit Card Credit Limit?

You may request to reduce your credit limit at any time by telling us in writing, by calling us on 132 152, or via HSBC Online Banking. 

You must pay down any outstanding balance in excess of the new credit card limit you want before following the steps below to reduce your credit card limit.

Step 1

Log on to HSBC Online Banking and go to Credit Cards Online.

Select Manage your Account, then My Cards, followed by Decrease Credit Limit.

Step 2

Enter your details to complete the Credit Limit Decrease Request online form.

Step 3

Review and confirm the details of your request before submitting.

After submitting, a screen confirming your request has been submitted successfully will appear and you will be logged out of internet banking.

Is there a minimum Credit Limit I can choose?

When requesting a reduction in your Credit Limit, the amount cannot go below the minimum Credit Limit for your card type or below your current balance. Card minimums can be reviewed here.

Can I choose my own Credit Limit or are the set limits I have to choose from?

Credit Limits have to be in multiples of $500. 

Will I be able to increase my Credit Limit in the future?

You may ask to increase your credit limit at any time, but please be aware that you may not automatically be approved to a higher limit, even if this request is to return your card to a limit that was applied to your card previously. 

How do I view a list of regular payments on my HSBC credit card?

To get a list of recurring payments that you have on your credit card, simply log on to HSBC Online Banking and go to Credit Cards Online.

  1. Logon to online banking.
  2. Select your credit card account.
  3. Select 'Manage your account', then "Authorised regular payments" 
  4. Select the credit card account you wish to view 
  5. View or download the list of regular transactions

Please note: Only transactions that are tagged as recurring payments with the merchant will be captured on this list.