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Emergency support for the NSW floods

We know many of you are worried about how your finances might be affected. To help you through these uncertain times, we're making sure you have the support you need.

Customer relief

If you're experiencing financial hardship due to the NSW floods, here are some of the ways we can help.

Credit cards, personal loans and home loans

You can apply to defer repayments to your HSBC credit cards, HSBC personal loans, and HSBC home loan.

You can also apply for a temporary credit limit increase on your HSBC credit card if needed, subject to qualification assessment.

Here is how you can contact us:

Term deposits

HSBC will waive the interest rate reduction and $30 Administration Fee if you need to access your Term Deposit ahead of the maturity date.

If you need access your Term Deposit

Please call our Contact Centre on 1300 309 388 anytime or you can come in and speak to us in a branch if you prefer.

General insurance

All our Home, Landlord and Motor insurance policies are provided by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited.

If you have sustained damage to your property and/or motor vehicles as a result of the storms and flooding, please notify Allianz via one of the following ways:

If you need to make a claim for temporary accommodation, please discuss your needs with Allianz when you lodge your claim.

Protecting your money

Unfortunately, we do see an increased risk of scams and fraudulent activity in times of natural disasters.

We encourage you to be extra vigilant with your banking correspondence and transactions.

To learn how you can keep your finances safe and what you should do if you encounter suspicious activity on your accounts, please visit our Security Centre.