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Welcome to Start Smart

HSBC Australia's pre-employment portal

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Welcome to HSBC

Dear Colleague,

Welcome to HSBC and congratulations on having joined the leading international bank.

The portal you are currently on provides the forms we require you to complete before joining the bank, information for you to learn more about the company you are about to join, and what HSBC can offer you in the form of benefits and opportunities.

People are vital to HSBC's continued success. We take great care when hiring new employees because we know that the talent, creativity and dedication of our employees drive this success. It is important to us that you feel welcomed at HSBC from day one. In order to facilitate this HSBC Australia provides a comprehensive induction through our Discovery programme. Further information on the Discovery programme will be provided to you by your line manager and the Development team on your first day.

Please ensure you read the content of these pages and return the required documents as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition into your new role with HSBC.

We can't wait to meet you, and look forward to you joining the team!

Martin Tricaud
Chief Executive Officer
HSBC Bank Australia Limited

Forms to complete

In your first week of joining HSBC Australia you will be contacted by a member of the HR team to provide your Tax File Declaration form, Superannuation form and your HSBC Bank Account number.

The forms and further information are provided below so you can begin to prepare for your first week.

Need Help?

Email HSBC Human Resources

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About HSBC

Before joining HSBC, you may like to find out more about the leading international bank you are becoming a part of.

The HSBC Group

HSBC is named after its founding member, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation limited which was established in 1865 to finance the growing trade between Europe, India and China. Over the years the bank has grown to service customers on every continent, and is now headquartered in London, United Kingdom. We serve 54 million customers in countries and territories worldwide.

More about the history of HSBC globally

HSBC in Australia

HSBC started operations in Australia in 1965 and was awarded a commercial banking licence in 1986. HSBC Australia is headquartered in Sydney and offers an extensive range of financial services through a network of branches and offices. These services include retail and commercial banking, financial planning, trade finance, treasury and financial markets, payments and cash management and securities custody.


Our Values

At HSBC we put great emphasis on our values.

We want to ensure that our employees feel empowered to do the right thing and to act with courageous integrity. Doing so will enable us to meet the expectations of our customers, society, regulators and investors.

Our values describe the character of HSBC and reflect the best aspects of our heritage. They define who we are as an organisation and what makes us distinctive. By operating in accordance with our values we are:

Dependable to do the right thing

Being dependable to do the right thing means standing firm for what is right, delivering on our commitments and being resilient and trustworthy. Every employee should take personal accountability, be decisive, use judgment and common sense, and empower others to achieve the best outcomes for the company and themselves.

Open to different ideas and cultures

Being open is about communicating openly; it means being honest and transparent in every aspect of our work, welcoming challenges and learning from our mistakes. It also means listening, treating people fairly, being inclusive and valuing different perspectives.

Connected to customers, communities, regulators and each other

As a part of the world's leading international Bank, you should take every opportunity to build connections, be aware of external issues and collaborate across boundaries. It also means caring about individuals and their progress, showing respect and being supportive and responsive.

More about the Group's Values


What we expect

Code of Conduct

We define conduct as the need to deliver fair outcomes for our customers and support the orderly and transparent operation of financial markets. We can achieve this through making sure our actions and behaviours consistently demonstrate our values and purpose in practice across every aspect of our business, providing a secure basis for sustainable growth.

To help employees understand the standard of behaviour expected when conducting business for the Group we are introducing a Code of Conduct in Australia.

This Code of Conduct explains personal obligations for the implementation of Global Standards and provides employees with clear guidance on the necessary standards and regulations you are expected to adhere to working for HSBC Bank Australia Ltd.

It covers:

  • HSBC Group Values and Business Principles
  • HSBC Group Compliance Policy Statement
  • Regulatory Obligations
  • Respect for Each Other
  • Professional Standards of Business Conduct
  • HSBC and our Customers

The Code of Conduct will form part of the terms and conditions of your employment with HSBC Bank Australia Ltd.

Code of Conduct (PDF, 415 KB)

Regulatory requirements

It is the policy of HSBC Group to observe the highest standards of integrity and fair dealing in the conduct of its business and to act with due skill, care and diligence. To those ends, employees must be aware of the regulatory and compliance requirements under which the bank operates.

This includes, the Australian Staff Dealing Rules and Notification of Sanctions. Staff must be aware that regulatory requirements of employment with HSBC Australia are governed by the Compliance Function, and these policies have been included in the email received with your Letter of Offer.

Australian Staff Dealing Rules (PDF, 417 KB)

What we offer

Opportunities, benefits and networking groups which are offered to you as an HSBC employee.

Employee Benefits

The attached e-book provides an overview of the full range of benefits available to HSBC Australia employees. It will help you take full advantage of what's on offer, including lifestyle and leisure, health and well-being, wealth and finances and personal and career development.

HSBC Staff Benefits (PDF, 5.08 MB)

Employee Resource Network Groups


Women@HSBC was established to promote equal opportunities for women through creating support and networking opportunities for all women at all life stages and levels of the bank. Initiatives include celebration of International Women's Day, a book club, internal networking lunches, guest speakers and attendance at external events.


Parents@HSBC was established to provide information and support resources to enable working parents at the bank to achieve greater flexibility and effectiveness in meeting their work and home commitments. Initiatives include networking lunches, opportunities to attend external events and parenting peer programmes.

Pride Network Australia

Pride Network Australia was established to promote and support an inclusive environment for individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex ("LGBTI") as well as those who have an interest in LGBTI-related issues ("Allies"). Events include celebrating events such as Pride Month, Wear It Purple, Awareness and Ally training and events with organisations such as Pride in Diversity and PFLAG.