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A man working on laptop with wearing headphones; image used for HSBC Australia Using a personal loan to fund your MBA.

Using a personal loan to fund your MBA

If you're looking to take the next step in your career, an MBA could give you a real advantage. Further education not only broadens your area of expertise, it could also give your CV an edge over other applicants on your job search.

Studying can be expensive

Working and living in Australia's major cities is already expensive. Adding the cost of further education to your budget might make it seem like your goal of further learning is just a dream.

But a personal loan can make it a reality. You can use it to cover your course fees, university tuition and any other expenses related to the studies you choose as you take your next step.

Looking at a personal loan

A personal loan could help you handle your studies more effectively. By having your funds ready, you can focus more on your course work and not worry about your finances. That could mean you don't have to look for an extra part-time job to cover your expenses – which would leave you more time available to study.

Know where you stand

Planning your studies on top of managing your existing job can be tricky enough. A personal loan can give you the confidence that all your education expenses can be met, so you have one less thing to worry about. And having your finances organised means you could begin your studies sooner.

By choosing a fixed rate loan, you will know exactly what your repayments will be every month. And by selecting the term, you can best manage your finances as you pay down your education expenses.

Reaping the rewards

So, if you have the dream of furthering yourself academically, you don't have to let your finances be a barrier to achieving your education goals.