Why choose a HSBC Everyday Global Account?

The HSBC Everyday Global Account is an all-in-one account that's packed with features and benefits, making it ideal for:
  • Everyday banking – to pay bills and deposit your salary with no monthly account fee8
  • Online shopping - in other currencies
  • Travel – leave overseas ATM and Transaction fees behind with this award winning Travel Money Account
  • Foreign currency - buy, save and spend in up to 10 currencies (including Australian dollars)
No HSBC ATM fees. Some ATM providers may charge a separate fee.

Rates & Fees:

  • $0 ATM or Transaction fees7
  • $0 load fees and no minimum balance

Features & Benefits

Available Currencies

  • Australian Dollars (AUD$) - Control Currency
  • United States Dollars (USD$)
  • Great Britain Pound Sterling (GBP£)
  • Euro (EUR€)
  • Hong Kong Dollars (HKD$)
  • Canadian Dollars (CAD$)
  • Japanese Yen (JPY)
  • New Zealand Dollars (NZD$)
  • Singapore Dollars (SGD$)
  • Renminbi (RMB¥) (currency restrictions apply)

Additional currencies to the 10 available can be accessed, with money automatically converted from your Australian dollars to the local currency.

Visa Debit Card

  • Use your own money for purchases online, overseas, over the phone and by mail
  • Mobile Payments5, including Apple Pay and Google PayTM, can be used wherever you can make contactless purchases, online, and at participating retailers in store.
  • Visa payWave8 for convenient contactless purchases under $100
  • Visa Zero Liability3 protection against unauthorised purchases
  • Set up recurring payments on your Everyday Global Visa Debit Card for easy payment of bills
  • Extra card for joint accounts
  • Access to exclusive shopping offers at over 1,500 carefully selected Australian retailers. Plus special privileges at over 27,000 outlets worldwide with the home&Away Privilege Program10

Account Access

  • Fee free ATM withdrawals and in store or online purchases in Australia and overseas. Some ATM operators and merchants may charge a separate fee.
  • Online Real time currency exchange rates when markets are open and move money between currencies 24x74
  • Online, Mobile and Phone Banking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Everyday Global Visa Debit Card
  • BPAY®
  • In Branch in Australia
  • Telegraphic Transfers

Fees and charges

Fees and charges for the Everyday Global account

Account Service Fee

Monthly service fee


Transaction fees: local - per transaction

Online Banking8




ATM Withdrawals (HSBC and non-HSBC)1




Bank@Post™(Post Office)


Automated Telephone Banking8




International transaction fees - per transaction

Overseas Transaction Fee - Cash Withdrawals from other countries


Important: When using your card overseas, a merchant may ask if you’d like to pay/withdraw from your Australian dollars or in the local currency. This is known as Dynamic Currency Conversion and involves your AUD$ funds being converted at the merchant bank’s exchange rate, which may not be favourable and you may end up paying more for the transaction. We recommend you ask for it to be processed in the local currency  and select ‘credit’ as the account type for purchases and ‘savings’ as the account type for withdrawals.

0% of the total value amount of each such transaction


Refer to our fees and charges guide (PDF, 184 KB) for full account fees and charges details.

Interest rates7


Tier 1 Amount & Rates

Tier 2 Amount & Rates

Tier 3 Amount & Rates


$0 to $1,999

$2,000 to $8,999


  0.00% p.a 0.00% p.a 0.05% p.a


$0 to $999

$1,000 to $5,999


  0.00% p.a 0.00% p.a 0.00% p.a


£0 to £499

£500 to £3,999


  0.00% p.a 0.00% p.a 0.01% p.a


€0 to €1,999

€2,000 to €7,999


  0.00% p.a 0.00% p.a 0.00% p.a


$0 to $9,999

$10,000 to $42,999


  0.00% p.a 0.00% p.a 0.00% p.a


$0 to $1,999

$2,000 to $7,999


  0.00% p.a 0.00% p.a 0.05% p.a


¥0 to ¥9,999

¥10,000 to ¥699,999


  0.00% p.a 0.00% p.a 0.05% p.a


$0 to $1,999

$2,000 to $9,999


  0.00% p.a 0.05% p.a 0.15% p.a


$0 to $1,999

$2,000 to $9,999


  0.00% p.a 0.00% p.a 0.00% p.a


¥0 to ¥50,000



  0.00% p.a 0.05% p.a


7 Variable interest rates current as at:

(and subject to change)

18 February 2019


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The HSBC Everyday Global Account was awarded the Canstar Innovation Excellence Award in April 2018 and the 5-Star Rating for Outstanding Value – Travel Money Card in June 2018.

1 ATM Operator Fees may be incurred at non-HSBC ATMs.

2 Where a currency is not held or there are insufficient funds, the funds will be deposited into or withdrawn from the AUD$ account and ATM withdrawals will be automatically converted at the prevailing HSBC exchange rate.

3 Visa Zero Liability subject to investigation of unauthorised transaction.

4 Real time foreign exchange (FX) transactions are available 24/7 between linked HSBC Australia accounts for selected currencies using Online and Mobile Banking. Make the most of real time FX rates when the FX market is open (excluding currency holidays, NSW and US public holidays). When the market is closed set FX rates will apply to real time FX transactions, and the exchange rate will not fluctuate. If making a payment to a third party outside of HSBC Australia during currency holidays, NSW and US public holidays, the HSBC Daily Exchange Rate will apply. The HSBC Daily Exchange Rate will apply for all future-dated transactions on the future date of those transaction. The foreign exchange market is subject to risks associated with exchange rate movements. HSBC foreign currency accounts should not be used for speculative purposes. Real time FX transactions are not available to Trusts, SMSFs and non-trading accounts between 12.00am Saturday and 8.00am Monday.

5 Terms and conditions apply to the use of Apple Pay and Google Pay. Excludes HSBC Corporate Cards.

6 Via permitted access methods

Facility and provider fees and charges may apply. ATM transactions fees may apply for use of non-HSBC ATMs.

8 Other fees and charges may apply.

9 home&Away Privilege Program terms and conditions apply for the Home and away privilege program.

All in branch cash transactions are restricted to AUD$, USD$ and HKD$. For USD$ and HKD$ deposits, these must be notes only and in multiples of 10. Cash transactions in USD$ and HKD$ are subject to cash handling fees. Please refer to the "Personal Financial Services Charges - your guide (PDF, 184 KB)" for more information. Cash withdrawals in HKD$ or USD$ for amounts greater than AUD$ 1,000 equivalent are subject to 24 hours advance notice or branch availability.

The HSBC Everyday Global Account was awarded the Canstar Innovation Excellence Award in April 2018, and the 5-Star Rating for Outstanding Value – Travel Money Card in June 2018 .

This advertisement provides general advice only and doesn't take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Financial Services Guide (FSG) (PDF, 487 KB) before acquiring this product, available by calling 1300 308 008, at your local branch or www.hsbc.com.au. Issued by HSBC Bank Australia Limited ABN 48 006 434 162. AFSL 232595.