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Open banking

Securely access and share your banking information with accredited third parties.

What is open banking?

Open banking aims to provide you with greater choice, access, and control over your information and the data associated with your banking products and services. This includes the ability for you to securely share some of your banking information with accredited third party participants.

It is part of the legislation known as Consumer Data Right (CDR) passed by the Australian Government.

For more information, please visit the CDR page at ACCC.

HSBC Australia's CDR policy

Our CDR policy describes what data will be available for you to share, how to start or stop sharing your data, and how to contact us if you have any questions or complaints.

Download our Consumer Data Right policy

When can I start using HSBC Australia's open banking services?

From 1 July 2021, eligible HSBC Australia customers can chose to provide authorisation to accredited data recipients (ADRs) to share some personal banking information and data, such as account information, balances and transaction history.


HSBC Australia customers eligible to share their data

You'll be eligible if:

  • you're an individual
  • you're at least 18 years old 
  • you're registered for HSBC Online Banking

HSBC Australia accounts that can be shared

The following HSBC Australia accounts are currently eligible to be shared:

  • Open and closed accounts
  • Solely owned accounts only (joint accounts are not included at this stage)

Must be of the following account types:

  • Credit card accounts
  • HSBC Bonus Savings Account
  • HSBC Everyday Savings Account
  • Term Deposit accounts
  • Transactional accounts
  • Everyday Global Accounts
  • Day to Day Accounts
  • Fixed and variable rate Home Loan (Owner occupier / Investor)
  • All types of Personal loans
  • Overdrafts
  • Investment loans and lines of credit
  • Leases
  • FX accounts

What type of information can be shared?

You'll be able to share:

  • individual customer name, occupation and contact details
  • account name, type and balance
  • account numbers and features
  • incoming and outgoing transaction details
  • direct debits and scheduled payments
  • payees

Which organisations can receive data?

Data can only be shared with third party participants who are accredited by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) under the CDR Legislation to receive such data. These accredited third party participants are known as Accredited Data Recipients (ADRs).

To view a list of current ADRs, please visit the Current Providers page at ACCC.

How data sharing works

Granting data-sharing authorisation

Once you have granted consent for an ADR to collect your data, they will securely redirect you to HSBC Online Banking. Then you'll need to complete the following three steps.

Use your online banking login details to access HSBC Open Banking
Select which accounts you would like to share
Review and confirm the information you’re asking us to share

After these three steps, you'll be securely redirected back to the ADR.

The open banking FAQ page contains more information on data sharing.

Stopping data sharing

You'll need to have downloaded the latest version of the HSBC Mobile Banking app. Next, log on to the app, and select 'Manage data sharing' to view all your active data sharing arrangements. Then you'll need to complete the following three steps.

See our open banking FAQ page if you are unable to do this using the HSBC Mobile Banking app.

Stopping data sharing in this way means that the ADR will know that you've withdrawn your consent and data sharing will stop immediately.

Once data sharing has stopped, it could have an impact on the services you're using with the ADR - because they will no longer be able to see your data.

Information for ADRs and developers

HSBC product data

Developers and ADRs can access HSBC Australia's product data via the links below using the necessary parameters defined by the CDR Data Standards and CDR Legislation:

Get Product API >

Get Product Details API >{productId}

APIs technical support

Developers and ADRs having issues accessing our Product, Banking, or Common APIs please fill this form and email to using the subject line 'Australia open banking'.

For customer queries, contact us using the details shown below.