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A person holding a set of colouring pallet; image used for HSBC Merchant Services.

Merchant Services

Everything you need to know

Current Stationery Samples

This document (PDF, 478 KB) contains images and information on HSBC's current stationery - the stationery you use should look the same. If not, you need to order new stationery through NetXpress or contact your Business Development Manager.

Merchant Instruction Manual

This version of the HSBC Merchant Instruction Manual replaces all previous versions. You should be familiar with this document. It includes instructions on how to complete a point of sale finance transaction.

Please download the Merchant Instruction Manual (PDF, 2.4 MB).

Frequently Used Forms

Credit Limit Increase Form (PDF, 63 KB)

Complete this form and fax it to HSBC Retail Alliances on (02) 9255 2542. Note: the customers account must have been open for at least six (6) months and maintained in good order.